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Focus on the global EMS\OEM\ and distributors
to provide the advantages of electronic components distribution services

Uni-innovation is a fast-growing independent distributor of Electronic Components.We set up our own warehouses and customer service offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Wuhan etc. Uni-innovation focuses on providing superior electronic component distribution services to global EMS\OEM\ and distributors, and has become the preferred electronic component supply service partner for many well-known customers worldwide.

Through more than 10 years of hard working and accumulation, the founder of Uni-innovation has strategically cooperated with hundreds of MFG and Franchisers all over the world, and we shared many OEMs and franchisers' real-time inventory data. Uni-innovation advanced Line Card includes ADI/LINEAR analog devices, Xilinx/Altera FPGA chips, TI digital DSP and Power Management Chips, Samsung DRAM, Murata capacitor resistors, Micron/toshiba memory, Infineon power devices, etc.

With fast and accurate professional quotation, high-quality and attentive service, comprehensive supply, excellent risk control ability and consciousness, Uni-innovation has won long-term cooperation and praise from many world-class customers; adhering to the determination to make progress, and constantly innovating, We will continue to improve in all aspects, and strive to continuously exceed customer expectations.

While carrying out international and domestic distribution business, we provide a comprehensive one-stop electronic component supply chain solution, including: long-term cost reduction supply, same-day delivery of shortage components, BOM list support, inventory optimization management service, market dynamic information Sharing, cost optimization solutions for replacement, etc. to meet the diversified requirements of customers, a perfect and exclusive customer experience is our mission.

In today’s competitive business environment, leading global technology companies are constantly pressured to find new and creative solutions to reduce inventory carrying costs, drive competitive pricing models, ensure supply continuity, and minimize on-hand material positions. As an independent electronics distributior, Uni-innovation possesses invaluable experience in navigating the unpredictable waters of the open market. With so much at stake…why take chances? Turn to Uni-innovation and learn why so many others depend on us to provide the highest level of Service & Quality in all orders we fulfill.